It’s official, inSAYSHAble has been selected for Hollyweb & LA Web Fest!

These prestigious festivals showcase the best in web series from across the world.

We are honored to be selected and can’t wait to share our work this March & April in Los Angeles.

“inSAYSHAble nailed it…”

The Snobby Robot took a look at inSAYSHAble this week! See what they had to say, cause it’s great!

#WebSeriesWednesday this week features the comedic series ‘inSAYSHAble’ – the story follows Saysha, a 30 something female who makes you constantly wonder just how she made it so far in life. Is inSAYSHAble worth your time? Find out!

Comedy is sort of the de facto, go-to genre for web productions because it’s easy to sell the audience on it right off the bat – a real key to a web series’ success. As such web series comedies are a bit of a crowded group and it takes a lot more to stand out.

inSAYSHAble attempts to do this in two major ways – through a highly professional looking production and through a well written main character… read more