Actress, Amy Matysio, launches new web series

By Carrie-May Siggins
Metro Regina (May 7)

Three years in the making, a new comedy web series is being launched Wednesday at the Artesian Theatre called inSAYSHAble.

Created, co-written and starring homegrown talent Amy Matysio, the seven-part series will premier online on May 9th.

The storyline is about 30-something Saysha Grabinski, a temp worker who can’t help but get fired from every job she’s assigned. Each five-minute episode starts with the character at a different employer and ends with her inevitable termination from the job.

Matysio, who starred in the hit Comedy Central series Single White Spenny and was included in Playback Magazine’s Top 10 To Watch list in 2010, says the lead character is quite the train wreck.

“It’s about a girl trying to figure out how to grow up in her 30’s,” says Matysio….. Read more

Saysha goes BOOM

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